70 Years of GT Football – Strength of Schedule

Nesbitt had no more experience in the beginning of '08 than JT has now. He looked absolutely retched in the spring prior. At least JT looked good before he got dinged up and had to sit out the Spring Game.
IIRC Nesbitt never participated in spring ball, so you may be right, Justin could turn out to be as good or better that Josh. I remebered the call went up for Jaybo several times because Nesbitt looked terrible.
Ok, this seems like an overly emotional response. Who's predicting us to go 14-0? What's the point in that reaction?

It still seems to me that you are confusing the words "realistic" and "pessimistic."

Our incoming QB has as much time in the system as last year's. We have lots of Abacks who have shown they can play and a very good Bback returning. Yes, the OL will have new starters but it's not like they're asked to replace perfection. CPJs offense has been fairly consistent with 2013 being the second worse of 6 years. CPJ has said that he expects our O to be as good or better this year. So, expecting the 2014 offense to be worse than 2013 is pessimistic not realistic imo.

DEs are a question mark, but that doesn't mean they'll be horrible. Our D was not great last year on the whole, expecting them to be the same or a bit better this year is not expecting a whole lot. Expecting them to be worse is pessimistic not realistic, imo.

So, if we're not worse this year than last, we shouldn't expect to lose six games after replacing byu with tulane, realistically.

Also, to clarify, I did not compare this squad to the 2008 squad. I mentioned 2008 only with ref to the last time we beat mia and the last time we lost to unc in response to your inconsistent logic in picking us to lose both.

I am sorry, I was trying to be anything but emotional. I assume from your user name that you are class of 87. Do you know how many gallons of Kool-aid I have drunk before 1987? I am immune to it, it doesn't affect me anymore. It did once, but no more. That's all. I just try to look at the team objectively. Once the season starts, I'll be all in for us to win every week. If I understand your take, we will have a better record than last year, because there are reasons to believe that we willbe a little bit better, plus our schedule is a little easier (Tulane instead of BYU) . That is as good a way to look at it as any. Like a lot of people say in June, we are undefeated so far. But predictions are a crapshoot. Where I think NCST will be a tough out, you think it's a sure win. Not that Heather Dinich is an expert, but she does get paid for her opinion, Heather thinks going to Raleigh will be a challenge--flipside, some preseason ranking I saw NCST was #88, so maybe it's a slam dunk. As I said, I want to be 14-0, every year. But looking at the players we have, what we know they have done up til now, and the players we will face, I feel it will be tough sledding this fall.