3 dismissed, 1 suspended


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There is almost always more to the story than meets the eye. Thanks LL. I trust you. Thanks for caring for the young man and making a difference. With that now put to rest.....

We need people to step up. In terms of depth, the impact will probably be mild this season. However, these kinds of losses hurt more in ensuing seasons. Commissiong was probably the biggest immediate loss. Depth at his position is almost at emergency levels. Autry was coming off his second knee surgery. It is hard to really know how effective he was going to be anyway. I always liked his energy and his tough play, but lets face it. We need better at that position and he was likely to get swallowed up by the competition that now exists. I don't really know how Henry was progressing. We never saw him play so it is hard to miss him right now.

One thing is for sure, this puts a ton of emphasis on the size and quality of the incoming class. It can end up being a net positive, but only if we get the right kids with this haul. Also the quality of the 2014 class will be tested a little sooner as well.
I agree about Commissiong being the greatest loss here. We are razor thing at DT if someone gets injured now. Shawn Green has had injury issues ever since he stepped on Campus.
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Drugs and drug testing keep coming up in this thread. Is it definitely that, or are people guessing?


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Good for him.

I hope CPJ and the Athletic Dept. help him out with academic support if he asks for it. I know he's no longer the AD's responsibility, but would be nice to support a kid who's trying to do right and would show other SA's that GT is there for them even if they can't be useful on the field.