3 dismissed, 1 suspended


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Totally disagree. Three chances are plenty. If not, you are not serious. Rules apply to everyone and if you cannot comply you do not belong.
I wasnt aware that we had moved on from discussing the marijuana issue. I apologize to those trying to get back on topic. I understand the 3 strikes your out mentality. But its different when it comes to addictive behaviors. I disagree with the guy who said it has nothing to do with addiction. If that were the case... after strike 2, it wouldnt be a problem. Marijuana is the least addictive of the drugs out there. But anything that makes you feel good, or allows you to have a good time is going to have some addictive properties. After reading LLs comments im convinced that it was something other than drugs. Lets hope that Lynn can move past this and contribute in the future. This has really killed our DL depth. Id be selling early PT like it was a drug(no pun intended). Also we need to get on next years class about becoming EE's. We have got to try and make up for some of these losses before it catches up to us on the back end.


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It was a serious question and no I would never brag about drug use how juvenile. I just don't understand how you get caught three times that's all. Either you know you can get away with it or you can't. If it's the latter case then why wouldn't you stop after the second violation?


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I'm pretty sure that he wasn't serious
I was serious. Plenty of injuries happen during practice and saturday scrimmages (saw a few of them live myself), and in this case, my question was how much risk can we take given only 4 scholarship DL.

NCAA has contact limits for player safety and FSU claimed fewer injuries from electronic monitoring and limiting player practice efforts, whether contact or not.

Obviously some contact is necessary to get some crucial experience.