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    Lineup for 2022-23

    And now we got our backup center! Let’s go!
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    I like the sound of that.
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    I never doubted Usher's heart and I always enjoyed Devoe's shot and crafty layups, but they are not irreplaceable. In fact, like many of you, I have hopes that this year's sum of the parts will be greater than the individual talent levels of the players. That didn't happen last year, for...
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    I hear you--and I saw that too. But its kind of a "chicken and the egg" scenario here. Was he tentative because of the quick hook, or was the quick hook because he was tentative? Unless we were in the locker room or on the bench, it would be difficult to say for sure. Either way, we need...
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    No doubt. A good offensive scheme could make or break the season. It will be interesting to see what the coaches come up with.
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    Lineup for 2022-23

    Like every year, there is potential and hope springs eternal! This year is really interesting in that we have 5 or maybe even 6 guys who could make a leap and become "the guy" but I can't exactly put my finger on which one (ones?). As I see it, DSmith, Deebo, Miles Kelly, Franklin, Terry...
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    2022 GT Football News Thread

    Seems fair. I believe Sims is better than that, but he hasn’t proved it on the field…yet. I also counted 7 of the top 42 that will be our opponents this year. I pray our defensive backfield will look better!
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    Excitement for the 2022 Season

    You want to know why I am excited? I am excited because GT is my school and they are my team. I excited because there is an entire team of guys that are giving their all, representing the university well (go read the latest post in Elias Cloy’s thread), and THEY are excited about GT Football...
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    2022 Game Time Announcements

    Generally speaking, you want your home games played later and your away games at noon…so this is not bad news at all. Maybe some things will break our way this year?
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    Clemson Series

    Hats off to Clemson’s ace. Wish we had one. It is hard to find any consistency without good pitching. This team with a legitimate ace would be something to see. As it is, it feels like a frustrating waste of epic offensive talent. I’m still hopeful that we somehow find lightning in a...
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    Our pitching WHHIP: 1.11. That’ll do. Great game!
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    Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    This should be moved to the good news thread. :D
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    Eddie Lee Ivery

    ELI was my personal trainer at the athletic association while I was a student athlete. He was firm but patient and encouraging. I always saw it as a privilege to get to know him and work with him that year. He pushed me to get a lot stronger.
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    Jose Yep. Not only is he first in +/-, but he is first by a mile. He is also second in steals and third in assists...all while playing 13 minutes a game. He isn't just having a decent rookie year--he is putting the NBA on notice that...
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    Bubba and Tristan

    I would take both of these guys back in a Bobby Cremins (New York) minute. We need all the shooters we can get and both can light it up.