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    Couch Coach

    I just want to say thanks, Ibeeballin. Its really good to review plays this way and see a little more of what the coaches see. Keep 'em coming.
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    #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Looks like a LOT of over-reacting in here, but I guess that is to be expected. We looked like a young team today, which we are. Syracuse played a good game and they were fired up with their backs against the wall at home. This is an ugly loss and a missed opportunity against a mediocre team...
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    Today is the day for some ORANGE CRUSH! Go Jackets!
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    Turnovers and Special Teams

    Very true. The five turnovers were all committed by sophomores and freshmen. That should tell us that (1) they will get better, and (2) the rough times might continue this year if the young guns don't improve quickly. We are depending on a LOT of young players.
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    Norvell Positive COVID Test

    Everybody on our team had to get a negative COVID-19 test to play today, right?
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    The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Can we rename this thread “CPJ vs CGC?”
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    unbelievable. Absolutely awesome win. I had to stay up to 4:00 AM to watch and I am going to be dragging tomorrow, but it was worth it! GO JACKETS!
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    Starting QB speculation

    Hilarious that we are all still grasping at straws 3 days before the game. Coaches really have us guessing, which probably means that FSU is guessing too. Hopefully that will give us a slight advantage.
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    Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    Agreed. Wes was awesome. Still is, in fact. (And on the whole, Talking Chop is too)
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    Starting QB speculation

    I’ve been thinking that an interesting poll (which will arrive at very different answers from the current poll) would be to ask “which QB will take the most snaps this season?”
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    Rodney immediately eligible

    Yeah, something is up here—I’m not used to seeing so much good news regarding GT basketball. Has the curse lifted? Or is this just a cruel joke that will be negated by no season?
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    More on the mid-season offensive philosophy change

    Nice article. We all saw the change. I remember watching the Boise State game and seeing guys drive to the basket and much less trying to run our offense through Banks....who, let’s just say, is no Lammers. He didn’t say it, but the truth is that he should have changed it much earlier, even...
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    Nate Cottrell Signs with the Jags

    Any word on Campbell or Southers? Weren't they the other two at pro day?