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    What can our secondary do to improve?

    Overall, I think we have some talent in the defensive backfield, but it is clear to all that 1) our pass rush is below average, giving the QB time to find his man, and 2) our safeties are more run-stoppers and struggle in coverage. The combination of those two seems to leave our CBs on an...
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    #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    BIG PLAYS at the end. It was a back and forth game between two decent teams. Nice to see our guys raise up and make plays when it counts. Sims, A. Sanders, even J. THomas. That feels like something we haven't seen in a while! GO JACKETS!
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    By not teaching our OL how to hold like Pitt's. :)
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    Pitt has a good team, but we once again beat ourselves. 2 early Turnovers, , missed tackles, bad defensive plan, blocked FG. Biggest disappointment was the OL. They really looked bad (at least, from what I saw). Lots of improvement still needed. It's never as bad or as good as it seems...
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    #UNCvsGT Postgame

    Just re-watched the condensed game (The replay is not showing up on espn for me to watch?). I totally forgot about a huge play. 4th quarter. 14:19 left to play. UNC had just scored, and was only down 27-13. GT ball, 4th down and 3. If we miss this, UNC gets the ball and momentum to cut it...
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    Jordan Usher - our Super Senior

    I am pumped for Usher's encore. I am pumped for this GT basketball season. Let's GO!!!
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    Special Teams Improvement

    I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to our special teams. It seems they are finally “special” in a good way. Here are some highlights: -Cimiglia 3/3 on FGs. When was the last time we were 3/3 on FGs? After a horrible first game, he has looked really good. -KOs. Gavin...
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    #UNCvsGT Postgame

    AMAZING! Such a great game all around. GT is back!!!!!!!
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    Early rankings for the ACC Coastal.

    Here is a ranking of ACC Coastal teams: 1a) UNC 1b) Va. Tech 1c) Virginia 1d) Pitt 1e) Georgia Tech 1f) Miami 1g) Duke Coastal Chaos is in full effect! Maybe this is the year we all tie at 4-4 and go to tie-breaker hell!
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    LETS GO, JACKETS! Never say never! :)
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    Game 1 #NIUvsGT Predictions

    GT-38, NIU-20
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    Expectations for the 2021 season

    whoa, whoa, guys. Calm down. We are all on the same side here. Here is what I know from being a GT fan for 25+ years. We ALWAYS do our best when there are lower expectations coming into the season. ALWAYS. So let them keep ranking us at the bottom. They won't see us coming. :)
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    Learning from mistakes, Georgia Tech’s Jeff Sims ‘going to be great’

    Y’all need to drink the juice! Sims for Heisman! Sims for Heisman!
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I'll be honest. I'm really surprised by this. I don't think he is a poor defender, but I never expected him to be at the top of any defender list.
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    Nashville Regional - Vandy, Ga Tech, Indiana St, Presbyterian

    Hate to see the run end, but it was indeed a valiant effort. Archer with a complete game shutout in the first game (WHA!!!?), and multiple comebacks in the second game gave us a chance to pull it off in the end--even a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 11th, but it still wasn't enough. They...