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  1. Scrimmage notes?

    Anyone able to attend the scrimmage today that can share some info?
  2. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Who is this in reference to?
  3. Dontae Smith (nothing bad)

    Has he said this officially? I know there was some question as to whether he had another year of eligibility if desired.
  4. BC ATL

    I may have missed this, but is TK out with injury or what is going on with him?
  5. Clemson ATL?

    Doesn’t it normally come out on Thursday?
  6. 2021 G1 NIU ATL Depth Chart

    Has Dontae ever had the chance to return kicks? Seems like he could be a stick of dynamite there!
  7. Spring Training 2021

    Is he fully competing or still recovering from his HS injury?
  8. Butker 58 yds for the win

    He’s a beast! Period.
  9. Starting QB speculation

    You always seem to be pretty connected... is this what you’ve legitimately heard?
  10. Starting QB speculation

    I hope we are all saying this tomorrow!!
  11. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Are they done with the press conferences now until the season starts?
  12. Scholarship Slots remaining

    Is this Ellison, not sure I know who Emerson is? Is this something you’ve heard about he and Amerson or just reading the depth, etc?
  13. Georgia Postgame

    Completely agree, hoping for the best!
  14. Who’s not coming back for their Sr season?

    Who is Martin? If Chris Martin, hasn’t he played a lot this year?