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    Top Georgia Tech Teams Modern Era: 1992-present

    Has there been a more soul-crushing stretch of Tech football than the last three games of 2006?
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    Lucas Johnson Entering Transfer Portal

    Whale’s Vagina...what a fantastic landing spot!
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    2020 Offseason Thread According to the most recent Sugiura article, it should be released by the end of This month. Last year it was 1/16. Also of note from that article, we’re likely to open with Clemson...
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    Game watching options?

    You can do a free trial of YouTube tv or Hulu live, assuming you haven’t already used that option. Just be sure to cancel immediately so you don’t get charged.
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    South Florida playing now

    You’re right, but he left. Maybe it’s time to get behind the new staff, heh?
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    Previous Offense and Recruiting

    No kidding. If you’re good enough for the NFL, they’ll find you. Problem is, the top high school recruits apparently didn’t believe that in large enough numbers.
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    Possible transfer?

    Getting this guy here, and eligible to play this fall (with 2 years of eligibility), would be one hell of get. We need a pass rush STAT to pair with our talented secondary.
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    Coincidence for those in the know?

    I’m sure it was a deterrent to those recruits who see college football primarily as training ground for the nfl. That’s a shame, since we’ve seen what CPJs offense can do with top talent.
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    Coincidence for those in the know?

    There was actaully a good bit of talent on the 2014 team. That talent, coupled with a wealth of experience on offense, made for an elite offensive unit. 4* QB 2 drafted receivers One of the top OG in the NFL Gotsis and DJ white were drafted from the defense. Chris Milton still playing for the...
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    GT (+17) vs Georgia #GTvsUGA

    Funny those bastards claim a ‘27 national title despite getting shutout by the Jackets!
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    GT (+17) vs Georgia #GTvsUGA

    Where will today’s victory rank on the list of COFH’s biggest upsets?
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    Juanyeh and the KO return

    I’d love to see what he could do at WR...could really take the top of the defense and should be a dominant blocker.
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    Georgia Tech Bowl Projections

    Sports illustrated is now projecting Buffalo vs Tech in the Quick Lane Bowl, Detroit. :poop:
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    Georgia Tech Bowl Projections

    An ACC team could just as easily be picked for the Gator Bowl instead of Music City, no? Definitely would want Nashville since we just did Jax in ‘16.
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    Roll Call for GT vs Duh U

    I’ll be there with my boy for his first game. Is parking at the YMCA on Luckie Street (by the Hampton Inn) still an option?