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  1. Demetris Robertson

    I think it was Cal and not UCLA.
  2. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    I would say unlikely instead of impossible. You can win by forfeit, or or if the other team is placed on probation and has to vacate wins. 😉
  3. 2021 Uniform Debate

    Not all of us. I was pumped when we came back out in the “traditional” GWG!

    I admit to no knowledge of liquor. However, I think I can carry on a pretty intelligent conversation about beer! 😃

    I always took it to mean clear liquor instead of brown liquor.
  6. Your First GT QB

    It was 5 and 5. It was my freshman year of 1972. The first Tech QB I saw play was Billy the kid in 1962.
  7. uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    After 26 years working as an engineer, I became a high school teacher. I always told my students my goal was to teach them how to think and solve problems, and I used math to do that.
  8. MEMORIES...(first game)

    I don't remember the year exactly since I was only 8 or 9, but It was either '62 or '63. I watched GT and FSU tie at 14. Billy Lothridge was the QB. I was shocked that people were actually saying Hell in public!
  9. 2021 Recruiting Class & Transfers In

    Has DeFoor said he is coming back? If so I must have missed it. I don’t think one more year of transfers starting on the OL will be a problem, but by 2022 we need to have CGC’s players manning most of the spots.
  10. Off Season How well do you know Georgia Tech Football

    And if I remember correctly Dewberry was replaced by Todd Rampley from Peachtree High.
  11. Bottom25 11/3/20 (Nebraska #2 and Ga Tech returns)

    And Wyoming got beat by Colorado State and dropped out. ?
  12. Game 5 Clemson Predictions

    49-17 Tiggers. We actually kick a field goal!
  13. Friday is Georgia Tech Takeover Day on ACC Network

    Thanks for that Milwaukee. A great way to kill a little time while stuck at home.
  14. Black Uni Speculation

    I don't know if anyone else remembers, but there was a photo on the Hive back about '10 or '11 of a player in an all black GT mock up uniform. It was jersey #2, so I assumed it was Vad. Had a matte black helmet with gold GT, black jersey with gold number, black pants, shoes, and socks. Normally...
  15. Thank you!

    Yes, thanks Bob!