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with where we are at with this team and this program i dont see one happening without the other.

as ive thought all year long we could use a stiff dose of confidence. im sure the players have all heard that they would be lucky to win 5 games. so im sure they believed that to be true.

cjp is coming from a program where he was let go. no doubt in my mind that he too was at a bit of a low ebb.

we needed these games for both the coach AND the players imo. now we have a coach/staff that has been validated and a team that sees that it can achieve the impossible if they listen to the coach and the staff.

i can not imagine anything more positive to have happen wrt cjp and recruiting than the number of times espn showed the cjp pregame talk team before thee old miss game during the pregame show AND they showed it again after we secured the win. PRICELESS.

i just dont see a first round loss in the ncaa doing any of that for us this year. an nit championship has to be the best thing to happen for the team this year imo. 6 losses in our last 8 games would have been detrimental.

go jackets
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