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:unsure:Due to an unexpected health situation I will not be able to attend the game Saturday. I have 2 tickets in the Gold Zone (Section 215 Row 22) that I will give to someone. If interested please PM me. Thanks. Joy
Hope you feel better and thanks for offering tickets to another GT fan, classy


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This is the perfect week 1 opponent imo. We could beat these guys sleep walking but we won't do that because it's game 1 and the guys are itchin' to prove something and knock the tar out of anything not white and gold. The real challenge will not be our team against theirs. No, the real challenge will be our individual players against the guy they're trying to beat out for their position. This game will give the staff the opportunity to weigh each guy against their challenger as they square off against the same opponent when the lights are on and the game matters. This game will go a long way to helping the coaches sort out all the position battles that still exist.

I'm tired of hearing CPJ say "it'll sort itself out..." when asked about who's gonna play where. Now we all get to see and judge. Another plus is that I won't spend the entire morning on Saturday with giant butterflies in my stomach. I'll be able to relax and plan my "homegate." I, for one, am really looking forward to Saturday!


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Milton, Ga
I'm rolling the dice and taking my 2.5 yr old son to his first game Saturday. Betting that the crowd will be manageable, more worried about the sun. Really anxious this year more so than recent to see how this team plays together.


Helluva Engineer
I was listening to the local station that carries ClemPson games.
They were discussing So Con teams this morning when they projected how Wofford would do this weekend.
The guy being interviewed said Wofford is an "under the radar team" and "the third quarter should be scary for GA Tech "....hmmmm is he referring to how many points Tech can be scored the second half or are they bringing in another team after halftime.
He also said their returning QB will be prepared to rack up some passing yards.


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