What is your current opinion of CPJ?

What describes your current opinion of CPJ?

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AE 87

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Only differences
Coach seems to think his job is delegate and forget too much - not ornery but to slow to identify and take action.

Groh was hired to run the defense and it took MTSU to finally change that mid season and we had to use kelly till end of year and then he quit. Lagging leadership by coach.

In 2009 my son who is a Texas football coach and I contacted Todd spencer with a good running back from 3a . Todd called and sent letter but recruiters from the Purdue and others came. My son said would speak highly of gt if they had come but they could not because they were focused on winning the recruiting battle in ga. Kid went to Purdue, another kid son coached went to New Mexico then nfl, now we are trying to recruit outside ga, but don't try Texas where there are 5000 tech grads.

Regardless of the past, we are where we are. Coach has adjusted and while we have a few hiccups recently with academics and stud athletes, this could be a very good year . On another thread I agreed we should not change coach in 2014 , but need to run through 2015 when we have tough schedule to get everyone on the same page.

I think that CPJ's been much more active and involved than you give him credit for. It seemed pretty clear to me that CPJ was putting the pressure on Groh during year 2. In the year 2-3 off-season, there was talking about playing more 1gap, and Groh was defensive as heck about not changing his basic philosophy during Spring 2012 radio interviews.
As far as recruiting Georgia, I also got the feeling that this priority came from the GTAA as much as CPJ. I don't know though. Maybe your son can get some of his kids to camp at GT.

AE 87

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Throw out 56-0 against Syracuse and what have you got?

There is always the possibilty that we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Such is life. I personally have seen enough to feel Paul Johnson, as great of a guy as he well may be, is not going to have us back in the hunt for a division title, is not going to consistently win two games out of our big 4 or five rivals, and is not going to win again versus the University of Georgia even if he has a dozen more oportunities. I don't feel he has performed well enough to have earned the privilege to continue to try.

I'm not surprised that you've seen enough to come to this conclusion when you apparently think it's rational to throw out and ignore all the data that goes against this conclusion.


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I think I'll put this back out there:

Calvin Days (father of Synjyn and Jarbari) on CPJ:

“I can tell you over the past four or five years in dealing with (Johnson), we’ve had a number of personal conversations and nobody can tell me he doesn’t care about those kids,” said Days, who also sent his eldest son Synjyn to play for Tech and Johnson.


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Yea our offense really hurt our three defensive draft picks last week. This idea of our defense being hurt by our scout team is completely overblown. It's unsubstantiated opinion and speculation.

The talking heads just babble some bluster that they read or heard and think makes them sound intelligent.


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Sorry man, when the ball's on the tee it's hard to resist taking a swing. I guess you didn't see my stingtalkesque hidden disclaimer?
LOL. No. I do now and it appears it even copies in the quotes...just doesn't change the background color in the quote the way it does on ST.

Ben Jones

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He lost me when he said staff changes were coming and NEVER fired Sewak. Sewak has NO business coaching at Tech and is our version of David Wilson from the Gailey era.
I love that he cares for his players, too. Want him to succeed but by not dumping Sewak and upgrading tells me all I need to know.


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Has anyone said Coach Johnson didn't care about his players? I missed it if they did. Is there reason to believe that Bill Lewis or Ray Goff, or Gerry DiNardo, or Brad Scott or John Bunting or Derek Dooley didn't care about their players?
That's one of the core problems with any online discussion, no one really keeps track of what people say. It's like one person speculates something in one thread then someone else reads it and then posts in a different thread "Hey, I read somewhere...".

But to answer your question, yes, I've seen numerous comments by those that don't particularly like CPJ that all he does is yell at his kids. I suppose if all they have to judge is just CPJ's actions in the heat of games on the sidelines then it may be true. But unless you're actually there with him (and not just have met him once or twice), I'm not so sure you can really form any type of opinion.

People will believe and read into whatever they want, if it serves their own opinion.


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But to answer your question, yes, I've seen numerous comments by those that don't particularly like CPJ that all he does is yell at his kids. I suppose if all they have to judge is just CPJ's actions in the heat of games on the sidelines then it may be true.

I've seen it countless times on more than one site.