Warning!!! Non football thread (but pertinent to the board)

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No, a person's character does not necessarily determine their bias for a team or a coach. I am sure there are some very good fans at Tech that do not necessarily think PJ is the coach we need (present records tend to back these views). I am also sure there are some very good fans who hold PJ in the highest coaching esteem (his past coaching records supports this view). It is similar with the fans of Tech and UGA, who think the other is not a good person or citizen because they root for the wrong team. So, no, a person's character is not a part of their bias for a coach or team. It is more like a habit than a character trait.

I did not attend Tech; I became a Tech football fan because of Bobby Dodd. It had nothing to do with my character. Had UGA had Bobby Dodd coaching for them when I became interested in College football, I probably would have been a UGA fan. It had nothing to do with my character.


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Thanks Cheese. I, for one, want to keep this place a civil marketplace for ideas. For those who want something different, the other mentioned boards are perfect places for creative insults and random childish babbling. Use them if you are so inclined.

Also, just posting an opinion without substantive discussion is OK, but it won't help elevate the board. I really like to hear the whys and the why nots. Without them, the discussion is dry, standoffish, and superficial. I urge everyone to do their best to elevate the quality of discourse in this community. I mean, why else do it?


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Back to the OP, thank you Cheese. I was just thinking about this last night after getting irritated at all the "noise".


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Cheese you have done a great job on this board keeping your tone in check. I know you get frustrated with the non-CPJ guys like myself sometimes, but keep up the good work!