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Wanting to go to first Tech game this weekend !!!

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Coachstick12, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Coachstick12

    Coachstick12 Ramblin' Wreck

    Looking to go down and watch our first Tech game this weekend and will be traveling from Gallatin, Tn. Needing to know if I will be able to find good tickets on the street or should I try to get them before leaving. Would love to sit in the lower level. What should I be looking at price wise. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    You can sit in the lower level with little difficulty. $25 outside the 40’s, $50-75 in the Club. Wait until you get to the stadium. Worst case you go on stub hub and beg a sorority girl across the street to print you off your ticket(s) but I can’t imagine you wouldn’t find someone trying to dish off tickets going into the game.
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  3. THWG

    THWG Helluva Engineer

    I usually just buy mine off of ramblinwreck.com. Honestly, there isn't really a bad seat, but if you want to sit in the lower level, I think it is like $70 for a ticket (+ the fees).
  4. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    They are working on l-75 in Cobb county so leave a little early .
  5. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    Where on 75 does the work end? Or does it? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. jwsavhGT

    jwsavhGT Moderator Staff Member

    A good place to start is the ticket exchange thread...
  7. Dottie1145

    Dottie1145 Helluva Engineer

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  8. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    They will be finished 2218 and start again
  9. buzzn

    buzzn Jolly Good Fellow

    Glad you can make it! You can find lower level tickets on StubHub. The prices are pretty low right now, it just depends on how close you want to sit to the 50. Max $100, but if you’re willing to sit around the 35-40, then probably $50. Corners of the stadium as low as $9.
    You could try to buy from scalpers but the GT police give you attitude if you hold up fingers for tickets now. Totally ridiculous but that’s how it is, unlike Tennessee.
    I hope Jordan has a big game!
  10. danny daniel

    danny daniel Helluva Engineer

    Last Saturday work was moving south and getting close to South Cobb Drive and it was not so bad. However, earlier for Clemson it was a mess and we by-passed and got on at South Cobb. This week I am by-passing all the way to Moores Mill. I would plan on 1-1 1/4 hours from I-575 to !0th Street if you stay on I-75 if coming through Cartersville on I-75. You never know!
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  11. 4shotB

    4shotB Moderator Staff Member

    yes, you can find good tickets on the street and that is the best way to purchase in terms of value. Significantly below face value especially when the opponent does not have a lot of fans at BDS (Duke won't). Good luck and hope you have a great time at the game!
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  12. Jacketman1

    Jacketman1 Helluva Engineer

    StubHub. Bought lower level ticket close to field for $20.
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  13. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Supersizethatorder-mutt Helluva Engineer

    If you are from south or even middle GA or Alabama, tell them you are hurricane displaced and you get in free. I don't know how they plan on proving whether people are or are not, but if you're from one of the regions being crossed by Michael, you certainly have credence. That being said, however, please don't lie about it; it's too serious a matter.
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  14. WearGoldToGameDays

    WearGoldToGameDays Ramblin' Wreck

    I personally don’t support stubhub or their outrages fees and shady practices but they are indeed a viable option. If you know a season ticket holder they have be able to get you a $20 ticket through a special deal GT emailed out a few days ago.

    Hope you enjoy your first game! Wear gold!
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  15. Towaliga

    Towaliga Helluva Engineer

    When did the email come out and what did it say? I didn't get one.
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  16. 65Jacket

    65Jacket GT Athlete

    Better make that a lot early.
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  17. Martin_Van_Nostrand

    Martin_Van_Nostrand Banned

    similar to how one would acquire a degree in athens, if you simply drive down techwood with your window open, someone is bound to throw a pair of tickets your way.
  18. JacketFromUGA

    JacketFromUGA Helluva Engineer

    I wish I got my degree that way
  19. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    Have to have a license from affected areas.
  20. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    Damn I could've gotten much better seats if I waited to buy.

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