Vad Lee - James Madison University


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Ehh... He'll be okay. He'll make some big plays and be better than most at that level, but I just don't see him having the consistency required to be as good as we hoped he would be.

I hope he does fantastic, though. He just wasn't the right fit for us.


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I'll be tuning in.

Their OC, Brad Davis was at Portland State and coached a Spread Pistol offense. Withers has also commented that he wats JMU to run an up-tempo no huddle...80-90 plays a game.

Sounds perfect for Vad. Good luck to him.


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Vad interviewed on 790 this morning. Not much added that we didn't already know.

He tiptoed around saying he and CPJ didn't have the greatest of relationships. Basically said STTE, "On good teams the coach and QB have a great relationship and are on the same page, etc." The host pounced on that and asked if he and CPJ had a great relationship. Vad basically said it was good not great.

They tried to press him on what he was told the offense would be changed to. He said he knew he had to get the run game down first and that he felt he had done that. He went on to say what we saw from the team offensively in the UGA game was what he expected us to evolve into. That's really the only part I hadn't heard before.

Like I said, not much we didn't already know.