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okay. I swear I read somewhere that SMU won with 2 different players in back to back years. Can't find a record of it, so I'm not sure it's true. But, I wouldn't make something like that up. I'm not a golf enthusiast. May I just mis-read what someone wrote. sigh.


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Congrats, to Tyler!

Oh man, the fact that Tyler was considered the 3rd best golfer last year before covid put the breaks on the season. I remember this AJC story:

Wow...that team was loaded. Sucks we didn't get to see them all compete for an NCAA championship.


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Match play is REAL golf!

I always preferred match play and I would bet most amatuers do. Takes out the possibility of that 1 dreaded melt down hole (there were many by all the competitors at Branon Dunes over the last few days) absolutely sinking your round. Also speeds up play, you don't see guys taking forever on their double bogey putts when their opponent has already made birdie.

I too would like to thank the OP for drawing this to our attention. Major golf tournaments to me have always been the most compelling sports event and this is the first time I have ever sat down to watch this event. What a comeback and finish! That 4 iron on 18 under that pressure was incredible.