Update on Myles Autry

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smh, why would he do that??? He is ridiculous and this whole thing is ridiculous. That is just wanting to stir up trouble.


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It's looking more and more that we're avoiding a future train wreck by giving him his release now. Keep tweeting, kid. It's making me feel better.


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He needs to go to GA State. He would bring excitement to that program and if the program makes a move record eise while he is there he would be a campus legend


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Bizarre is all I can say.
1. Apparently the only reason he came to GT was to play with his brother.
2. His brother was dismissed and this is why he asked for the release.
3. Then he says he might end up back at GT. (that doesn't jive with points 1 and 2)
4. Then there's this list of factory schools that are still in play.
5. These schools are really not in play, there just out there for some other reason.
6. Even if they were in play, they're most likely not in play for Anthony which should rule them out for Myles if point #1 is true.

By Myles. See you 'round. Hey, maybe you can sign with Georgia Southern and end up playing at BDS that way?
Myles only came to Tech to play with his brother, FSU,Ohio St, UGA were contenders while Anthony was here


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At first when news broke that he wouldn't be coming to tech anymore, I was disappointed. After seeing how he has handled this situation, it is clear it was definitely best for both parties. He has a lot of maturing to do and would not be a good fit in the GT locker room. I am not saying it is his fault, I think this is why a lot of 4 and 5 star players end up being busts. They talk too much but can't walk to back it up...


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Even though I think a lot of the anger has subsided after the "official" announcement, I don't see anywhere for this thread to go but down. I think most of us have moved on and there are only a few of us continuing to check on Myles. Myles is no longer associated with GT so regardless of where he ends up, any future discussion regarding Myles should be put into the College & Pro Sports section (I'll admit that I'm crossing my fingers that we'll never see any).

I did want to give everyone time to vent on the issue and put in their two cents with the hope that within 24 hours of the announcement this thread would be on the 2nd page. Just past the 23rd hour, we're basically seeing the same two cents on repeat so I think it's prudent to close this discussion down.

Regardless of what happened and happens, I wish Myles well...

Unless he ends up at u(sic)ga in which case I'll only have four words for him: To Hell With georgia.
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