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  1. GaTech4ever

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    Any updates on who may be transferring out of the program? I'm hearing Justin Akins is likely and maybe Darius Commissiong will follow at this point.
  2. Yoda

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  3. jchens_GT

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    Interesting.....I saw Eric posted on another thread that Commissiong is happy at Tech. Is this info from social media or someone in the program?
  4. Techster

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    If guys are transferring, they usually do it before a semester starts...ala Vad. No sense in staying over spring when they can transfer out to other schools and participate in their new team's spring practice to get acclimated to a new program.
  5. GTBillyJosh

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    That seems odd considering we need people to step on the DL more than anywhere else. With 3 starters gone, there is a lot of playing time to be had. If Commissiong is as good as advertised, he should be seeing some good PT over the next couple years.
  6. UgaBlows

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    God i hope your wrong
  7. kg01

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    Same here. The timing of it makes me think it's a dud rumor. Transfer right before Spring practice when you're looking at a possibility to be in the 2-deep at worst? To go to another place to sit another year then be right back in the same position? Doesn't compute.
  8. forensicbuzz

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    The only reason someone (definitely not saying anything like this is going on) would be talking about transferring this time of the semester is if academically they're not able to hack it. Other than that, I don't see a reason.

    All that being said, there are always rumors flying around. Who knows who said what. There may be truth to it, or it may be all garbage. Until there's substantiation, I'm going with Eric: He's been a little homesick, but is happy.
  9. yellowRambler

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    I'd be very surprised if Akins left, but not at all if Commissiong did. I wasn't surprised at all that Vad left. A friend's brother and law who works at Dick's said he talked to Vad after the Duke game and Vad publicly told him that Coach Johnson lied to him about opening up the offense and that he was transferring at the end of semester and he did. I found it odd that Vad would say that to him during the year, but that was pretty much why Vad left. Another friend has told me he overheard on a phone call when Comissioing was talking to his parents and he didn't seem happy at all with Tech.
  10. Techster

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    Man, I'm wondering if there's a disconnect between what CPJ means by "opening up the offense" and what our recruits are interpreting as "opening up the offense". It's pretty public knowledge that quite a few current and former recruits (now signed) have said that CPJ has told them he wants to open the offense up. CPJ even alluded to the Redskins offense after the 2013 recruiting class signed, and said he wanted to do other things with our offense with media.

    To an extent he has "opened up" the offense (diamond, pistol, letting Vad pass more), but maybe it's not to the extent that some recruits and fans think. I don't think CPJ would outright lie to get a kid to sign, but sometimes I think people have different interpretations of what is said/promised.
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  11. 00Burdell

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    I've seen what a wide open CPJ offense looks like and can't think of any valid reason why CPJ would rip those pages out of the playbook and chuck 'em in the trash can.
  12. GTRanj

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    A friend of my friend who my brother in law knows heard someone at Dick's talking to Vad's friend who said CPJ had promised Vad he was opening up the offense. Sounds like some really credible sources there lol
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  13. Stinger90

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    I see what you did there :cool:
  14. Midlands Jacket

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    Why would two kids who have already burned their redshirts and then loose another year sitting out transfer? Doesn't make sense. Like other posters have said if they were going to go, they would have already left before spring practice. Just like Vad did. Do you think a SA would skip spring and just go to school at Tech for the fun of it? Tech is a great place, but not that great to just give up a scholarship and stay one more semester. Like someone stated earlier, if grades are involved then all bets are off.
  15. Rodney Kent

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    If Darius Commissiong is committed to transfer, then it would be to his advantage to do it prior to the spring practice of the target school. If he is just considering the thought, then he might wait until after Tech's Spring practice to review his standing here . If he then made the decision to transfer, it would surely be before Fall practice at the target school.

    Rumors don't always mean something is true, however, the old adage, "where there is smoke, there is fire" normally does not bode well.
  16. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Talked to Darius Commissiong

    His quote

    "Those rumors are false"
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  17. gtg936g

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    I must have been the only one surprised that Vad transferred. You guys gotta start keeping me in the loop on all the inside info.

    Commissiong has proabably been going through the struggles that all tech students go through at some point. At times I felt like I was working my tail off in the classroom with little to show for it. It is hard, that is why it has the academic reputation that it does.
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  18. Longestday

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    No one knew.... It is so easy to say after the fact. If anyone knew, then they would have been posting it.
  19. GTNavyNuke

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  20. Whiskey_Clear

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    Let's put this rumor regarding Commissiong to bed. Thank you Eric again for the inside scoop.
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