The 2008 Defensive Line


Helluva Engineer
Nashville, TN
LOL... So by your assertion, a tired Nesbitt < 100% Jaybo/Tevin or a tired D Morgan < 100% Egbuniwe & etc?

I appreciate your opinion, but that is simple not true. When those lungs give out on you, that is when that mental toughness, will, and raw talent kicks in and your second string can't simply provide all of those attributes.

MJ and DRich were both 3*s

and these two attributes (mental toughness, will) are what usually separates a 3* from a 4* or 5*. I've seen a LOT of physically gifted players who never made an impact because they lacked these attributes! One of the classic examples that come to mind was Daryl Strawberry, one of the most physically gifted athletes I've ever seen. He was truly a five tool player but a 5MM body couldn't make up for a .05 brain.


Helluva Engineer
To all: Any second string sub is ALWAYS better than a tired regular period. It does not make any difference to me what you thing about it, that is the truth. If you don't believe it, ask a medical expert that knows the body and its functions. Also, to the remark about playing the video games, I have never played one and will never play one. For most of you, I have been following football before you were a gleam in your father's eye, so your condescending remarks are meaningless to me.

Man, I don't think you're a complete moron, and I'm sure I've called for a fresh sub a few times watching GT defenses get gassed sometimes, but to say that it's CPJ's job to make sure that the D-line subs get 30% of the snaps during a given game is just asinine. So your assertion is asinine, or you don't understand a HC's role in game management.