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My evaluation is pretty simple for the defense. I want to see guys with improving fundamentals year over year as they mature. I want 11 guys know where to go, play hard, tackle well, and take good angles. The first step for the DL and LBs is critical, I want to see them consistently hitting their marks, and keeping their pad level low. I want our D to be the least penalized in the ACC. We will face offenses that likely have better natural talent than we do on D (Clemson, UGA, perhaps Miami), and that is ok. A solid D will make them earn and fight for every inch of turf, and capitalize when the offense makes mistakes.

Defense wins games, Offense brings the crowd...

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I was thinking particularly of that FSU game. That's probably where Wommack signed his own pink slip.

Maybe, but I think it had more to do with a lack of communication and guys not knowing what to do in general rather than play in particular games.


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I've always been a huge Roof fan. He and his family are very nice people.

Roof was a good recruiter at Duke for the little funding they had and how they were a laughingstock of a program back then. He was able to get a 5* defensive tackle out of Texas to choose Duke over almost every school in the Big 12. That was Vince Oghobaase, but he never reached his potential because he suffered major knee injuries. Roof did a good job with Thad Lewis and some of their linebackers and safeties that Cutcliffe inherited. People like to give Cutcliffe a ton of credit which he deserves, but Roof was the one who got them to start spending more money paying assistant coaches and building better football facilities. The football facilities Duke had in the Carl Franks era and beginning of Roof era were a huge joke. Roof signed the guys like Thad Lewis, Matt Daniels, Donovan Varner, Vinny Rey, Michael Tauillii, and Patrick Anunike (starting DE on this year's Duke team) who became big team leaders on Cutcliffe coached teams to lay the groundwork for them to get back to being a bowl team.

I know alot of you guys will remember after leaving Tech Billy O'Brien was calling the plays for Roof at Duke before leaving to go to Patriots. Amazing how he is now head coach of Houston Texans.

And obviously Roof would love to be a head coach again and talking to his wife in Atlanta when I saw them last year at Dillards she mentioned that she is tired of moving around and will be here for the long run which hinted to me that he wants to be Tech head coach one day.

Oghobaase - was last pick of the TEXANS in the draft but never made the field due to injuries = remember he was amazing for his age -
Agile and BIG and much younger than others in the draft so it was hoped he could recover over time but not meant to be.