Tech vs. Clemson


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Greensboro (area) North Carolina
Just got back and all I can say, HOT DAMN!!

Wasn't going to miss this game for the world ! Glad I didn't. So many people here are pulling for us, especially UNC fans.
Clemson fans are pissed! Lol

Go Miami !!! It's great to be a YELLOW JACKET no matter what happens. Proud of this TEAM


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I'm not sure if the schedule could have worked out any better for us. Play at 3pm everyday for the first 4 games, then get a day off before the championship game (with a 1pm start). Clemson on the other hand played last night at 7pm and then had to come back and play at 3pm today.

Looking at the other bracket, if UVa wins tonight that puts Maryland into the championship game regardless of tomorrow's games, which would allow Maryland to rest their key pitchers an extra day.