Survey for BDS


Helluva Engineer
I would also buy season tickets in an "intense" section. I am not currently a season ticket holder. Sounds like an unbelievably fun experience. I have friends who would also be interested so make it general admission.
Section 121 is a perfect place. I stand on the top row but it is the lowest donation level for the lower bowl, right next the students and right at the goal line. Guys & gals, come join me in refusing to sit on metal bleachers! Stand for the game and get loud for 3rd downs, money downs and touchdowns! I get weird looks when I start banging on the metal section sign. I will gladly be the drum line to yall cheering along with me!


Georgia Tech Fan
I think the south endzone would be a great place for a supporters section. Since few students sit there anyway maybe the north endzone student section would look better after they move there. Upper north could make a good GA section since it’s almost always completely empty and has a great view of the skyline people might want to check out. I would pay so much for supporters section tickets, I just can’t help myself but get rowdy every time I’m in BDS.