Starting Over - Under on GT 2023 win total is out


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I would pick Louisville over us. They apparently did extremely well in the portal and have the same energy a coaching change brings.
I expect Lville to be kinda schizophrenic. I think you’re going to see flashes of a really solid team followed by some head scratching confusion and underperformance. They are going to sling it around and play pretty quick, I suspect. If they get rolling, look out. I would not like to let them have an early lead. Conversely, pressure and adversity on a “first year” team will knock them down a peg. I hope we can confuse and fluster them early.


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I saw that week 1 lines have been posted on DraftKings. Louisville opened -8.5. I would expect that number to move to double digits before kickoff, so if you want to play GT no need to bet it now.


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My floor is 5 wins, ceiling is 8. Cost average = 6.5. Let’s bee optimistic with a 7.

Blast from the past….
Crazy how much 123 years changes things. It's not even a blink of an eye in the history of the planet, but things look drastically different due to man kind intervention. I am always amazed by how drastic towns, cities change. Even in as short as 5 years.


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I'd take the over at 4.5. If we end up under that it would be a really disappointing outcome and Key's honeymoon would be really short.

I'm looking at 6-6 +-1. I lean toward 7-5 more than 5-7, but that might just be pre-season optimism.
Just hoping we make a bowl this year and then lets keep going from there.