Sims is gone.

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Wish him the beat of luck, watching the FSU and UF game yesterday both of their offenses looked like what I had hoped for Jeff at GT, while none of them are great passers all are electric rushers. I do think Jeff is the weakest passer among them mainly struggling with reads, anticipation and accuracy. That will probably limit his market to GT equivalent schools or below unless someone thinks they can improve his passing like Riley did for Jalen Hurts. Maybe he doesn’t find a good suitor and the next GT coach is able to bring him back, or maybe not if our fans keep slandering him…


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Jeff can deliver a great ball and has the legs/athleticism to make plays. I think his decision making has gotten better since 2020. I don’t think he’ll have a Hendon Hooker year next year but I can see him putting up really good numbers for a P5 behind a better offensive line than what he was ever given at GT, if he stays healthy.


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Sims would have been AMAZING in Fritz's offense. Pretty much unstoppable...and he would have gotten coached up.

Well, now Zach Pyron will be AMAZING in Fritz's offense. Perfect skillset to do what Tulane is currently doing. QBs and WRs on this roster need to start getting excited because they're about to light up the ACC.


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I wish Jeff the best of luck. Things didn’t work out for him here. Not for him personally, or for the fans.

Sims was supposed to be the guy who lead GT football into the future, and made the charge to make us relevant again. Due to a gluttony of circumstances, it never worked out that way. Our fans expectations for him were very high, and I think he felt a lot of that pressure which compounded on his already tough situation. Everyone thought after that 2020 FSU game that we had found our guy. A legitimate dual threat at QB who could go compete for the starting job at any P5 school in the country as a true freshman. We were too giddy, too excited, and when he played so poorly in the Syracuse game it all kind of fell apart.

Wish it could’ve worked out different for everyone involved. It would’ve saved a lot of heartache for everyone involved on both sides. I’ve got no love lost for Jeff. I hope Jeff leaves GT with a positive perception of his time here. Maybe it helped him grow as a person and a player. Maybe he’ll look back at his time here fondly, and not with disappointment or disgust. It’s a shame Jeff (Sims) will be so closely tied to Geoff (Collins) when people look back on this era of GT football. Jeff (with a J) deserved a lot better than Geoff (with a G). I hope he finds somewhere that suits him and a place he can succeed at.