Ryan Johnson needs to...

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In 1989, Ken Swilling predicted we would go undefeated in 1990. Maybe you heard of him.

Most folks didn't believe him.
Well, given what had happened in 1987 and 1988, the skepticism was understandable just as putting Tech this year in the, (what was it?) Ninth Tier by some preseason prognosticator was pretty much expected. Until, this team wins the games it should win a jaundiced eye is to be expected. If the team feels "disrespected" well, the remedy is a simple one...win ball games.


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this is unrealistic ..

this is very realistic

Start by actually getting better in a measurable way. Don’t be among the worst teams in the county in simple things like penalties, extra points, chip shot field goals. Once you master that you will have a winning record.

Then worry about finding a way to beat really good teams (of which we have absolutely zero change right now).

Then talk about winning championships.

When you (the team) start talking about stuff like this well before you’re ready you look lazy.

You haven't been paying attention over the past few months, have you?


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our fans dude smh , something special is brewing on the flats, and this was a complete rebuild from the ground up i think we will all see some better results this year, either way seems to be hard for people to support collins who genuinly loves this team and had to start his first year without a true qb who ran a triple option offense and an o-line that was built for that scheme, and year two was a covid year, i see more of you posters pulling against us then for us, mark my word this team is on the rise,