Robert Godhigh career YPC


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Gibson, GA
I know, he's got a long shot. But guys like Danny Woodhead had the same issues as well. There are bigger, faster, stronger players than Woodhead but dang it, he's just a football player that goes out there and makes plays and does the little things well.

I just think Godhigh has that same "IT" factor that the Woodheads of the world have. He's a football player and I'm sure a guy like him who's always been told he's too short, too slow, too weak, too everything would be too eager to prove everyone wrong. Again, I'm not saying its a guarantee he'll make it. He's got a long shot since he'll likely have to prove himself in a spring invite, before he even gets an invite to the actual NFL camp. But if you want to bet long on someone, Godhigh might be the guy. At least IMHO.
He was also a longshot here, and quite possibly our best AB of all time. He is one of those guys that doesn't look the part. Sure everyone would like to put a 6'0 200 lb faster guy in his place, but the little guy just keeps outdoing everybody and making plays.