Replacing Seniors and vacated spots


Helluva Engineer
I think Watts departure will hurt more than most think. He was one of the faster players on the team and was very good in space, both tackling and coverage. It appeared to me that he was an excellent all around player.

Watts was a fantastic flex defender for GT this year. Covered a lot of space, and was able to shift over the slot or TE when opponent's offensive personnel dictated it. He was a great fit for what Roof was trying to do with the defense this year. Really wish Roof would have been here a year sooner to take advantage of some of the talent Groh brought in to give them another season to develop.

Watts is going to surprise a lot of teams in NFL camp. He probably won't get drafted, but he's definitely gonna get a shot with how much passing is being emphasized in the NFL.


Helluva Engineer
granted,he was a good looking athlete but, like our other LB's, seemed to make very few disruptive plays (i.e. TFL, forced fumbles, etc.) It's an area of concern I have had about our LB's for some time.

good call
just like Hewitt's players-good athletes but couldn't play bball well