Regional FINAL - Tennessee


Helluva Engineer
Just a ridiculous post about every bit as good.

We could have absolutely won this one. I wonder if Hall wanted to save our pitchers for a potential rematch and rolled the dice with Brown in the 9th. IMO, he should have never taken the mound in the 9th as UT was threatening every inning Brown had the ball. The damn burst on him in the 9th, and GT lost our best shot at taking UT out to extend the Regional.


Jolly Good Fellow
I hope not, because I despise them, but this Vol team has the resume ,if they win it all ,to be one of the best teams ever. All the negative comments about the team and CDH in this regional is absurd. Everyone is disappointed, except 1 team when it is all said and done. No , CDH hasnt led a team to the very top, but his teams compete with the best year in and out, and what other program does the institution have that does that. Congratulations to the team for a good year , and thanks for representing the institution with class, which is something that some could learn from. Go Jackets!


Jolly Good Fellow
Should’ve never asked Brown to go 3. Needed to use someone else in 7th. Great performance in a long day. Just finally fell apart in the last.