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I don't care how many good linemen and pass rushers we have; if the backs do not step inside the receivers on 3rd and long, the opposition will continue to get first downs on 3rd and long. This allows them to make the quick pass for a first down before pass rushers or linemen can get to the quarterback. Also, this allows the opposition to continue their drive and eat up the clock, which is supposed to be the forte of the option. We are our own worst enemies on defense. The bend, but don't break defense is worthless.
Well, it is a lot easier to jump routes when you know that your DL will be getting to the QB. If your pass rush is spotty, doing too much of that will get you burned on the double moves.

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If a DB jumps in front of the receiver on 3rd and long, the quarterback cannot throw the quick first down pass, and it gives the pass rushers that extra second or two to get to the quarterback. No, you cannot do this on every down, but you can vary it. If an opponent knows you will give up the first down pass in lieu of the long pass, it will throw the short first down pass until you try to stop it. This is the responsibility of the defensive coordinator. It would be wise to jump in front of the receive at the beginning of the games when they are making their first one or two drives. They then decide to go for the long ball after you have shown that you will not let them have the first down pass. The defense then switches, understanding that the offense will then try to go for the pass over the DB. At that time, however, you have guessed along with them and the DB drops back for a couple of drives.

The old adage: You can fool some of the people part of the time, and you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time, unless you are Tech's offensive opponent. Football is as much a guessing game as a physical game.


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I really had high hopes for Dieke, Cummings and Crenshaw when they signed and especially going into this year. Hope the new guys can fulfill the potential. Gotsis has shown he can play. We need someone to step up at end.
I recall PJ saying during a radio show this fall about the hopes they have for Pat Gamble. Anything more on him?


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Some sort of leg injury.

wow, so we have ANOTHER guy that is a key replacement coming back from serious problem?
join Burden,Johnson,golden,hill,HarrellJoe,Autry
without even counting Bailey, that I know of