Q&A 4-13 thru 4-14


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Re: Q&A 4-13 thru 4-14

Q: Who will be the next commit?


A: If Step Durham does not commit this weekend then my guess would be Bogan. However it is a guessing game at this point.


Q: What's the deal on WR T. Googer?

A: Very little interest in GT, should be a USCe commit soon.


Q: You have any info on prospective transfers-in that we've denied? Just curious.


A: None that I can share (sorry), Antonio Crawford did tell me awhile back that he wish he would have stuck with GT.


Q: What are the guys saying about the OL and DL development?


A: See below.

Q: It seems like a lot of young OL are getting playing time. Besides the bad snaps, are there any surprises? guys not as far along as expected? furhter along than expected?


A: For myself I am disappointed about where the young backups stands at this time...Joe and Braun aren't ready for action yet IMO. I think both of them are behind where I thought they would be at this point. I think Chamberlain is ahead of where the others are and is more game ready. I feel good about his future going forward if he continues to keep progressing. O'Reily is not close to where he needs to be and is behind Joe and Braun. I have not seen much of Roberts yet but I have not heard much about him either. I was very excited to see Burden this Spring as I have heard a lot of good things about him. It will be interesing to see how our OL looks next year after we lose Finch, Jackson and Beno.


Q: What the deal with the DL? The Roof and Pelton quotes I've seen seem to focus on how far we still have to go to develop the DL, but the scrimmage reports seem to be pretty positive.


A: Mostly just coaches speak even though they do have a long ways to go. I have been very encouraged about what I have seen from the defensive line even though they are going up against a patchwork offensive line. We have better depth than I first thought...At defensive end Attaochu and Dieke will start. Attaochu seems to be getting a grasp on the DE spot and has shown some flashes that he can be good. Williams and Stargel have been second team...Williams has had a few good hits. Chaz Cheeks has also been playing well thus far. AT DT we have Gotsis and Cummings starting...Gotsis has been stout up front and has been the best lineman thus far...I am expecting a lot from him. The coaches like Cummings a lot and feel DT is a good spot for him. Pat Gamble is growing an improving everyday and is fighting for the first spot off the bench...he looks to be a good one. Shawn Green is really quick off the snap and is better than he is given credit for. Kitchens are Kallon are third string....Kallon has simply got to play lower. He is basically standing up when the ball is snapped at times. Overall I am encouraged about the defensive line so far.


Q: Is it simply that our DL 1's are older and stronger than the OL 2's that they are competing against?

A: It could be a little of that..but I mostly think they are just more talented.

Q: What team (besides UGA/Clemson/VT) do you think will be the hardest for Tech to beat this year?


A: Good question. Miami will be tough to beat as they return a ton of guys. But BYU will be the toughest test...I know they lost some guys but they are a old and experinced team. Plus the travel does not help.