Pre Season Thoughts


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  • Days is one of the best blockers period. I wonder if coaches keep track of career knock downs! All guts giving away all the glory. Days I see you, you the man...


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I think we have a good chance for 8 wins or better because the schedule is so much more manageable. Last year I didn't think too much of our chances overall because the schedule was such a bear. Playing the Turkies, da U, and BYU in a row with two of them away games; that's a pretty stiff briar patch to run through. This year, if we can avoid injury to our key skill players and the OL, I think 8 wins or, maybe, 9 are possible.

But, as with every football season, a lot will depend on sheer bum luck. There are only about 5 teams that are 9 or better every single year and we aren't one of them. Too bad, that.