Potential playoff expansion

So just to change. I was looking at this year and the playoff and it might be interesting.
Game 1 UGA, Clemson. The winner of this game will probably go undefeated. Let's say it is Georgia
Alabama will be undefeated as Texas A&M is their only Threat
Texas A&M may be a one loss team
Ohio State plays Oregon but that may be their only tough out
Coastal Carolina, predicted to win 11 may win out

I see no team from the PAC 12 or Big 12 getting in.

That said, Alabama plays Georgia for the SEC title.
Winner and loser are both in.
Ohio St. will be undefeated, in
Coastal.....well they will not get ranked high enough but the conversation will be there.
Then do you put Texas A&M in over Clemson. Both 1 loss teams with A&M the harder schedule......

In either case I truly believe these will be the teams.
And if you then say, let's make this a 12 team playoff....why, no one will have a record close to these teams.


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