Poll: What do you hope to see next season?

Which would you honestly prefer to see next season?

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Helluva Engineer
I disagree with this for a variety of reasons:

1. These players want to WIN more than anything else. No player wants to actively go out on the field and lose a game. Especially after the past 3 years.

2. The players seem to love CGC. They all talk about how he and his staff are family and really feel close to one another. Now, that hasn’t translated to wins, but the culture and bonds are there.

3. Any player that would scheme to throw games and intentionally try to get a coach removed would probably get their scholarship revoked and kicked off the team. That’s a toxic culture, and that’s just a bad idea.
1. No question.

2. Players always seem to love their coaches. It's easy to see why; a disgruntled player will not see the field. Further, coaches are a major reference for players after they leave the program. What you need is opinions from players after they have been in their first job securely for a couple of years; i.e. it is too soon. But maybe they do love Collins and co. Problem = SOBs tend to win more games.

3. Again, no question. But you seldom see this. Slackening effort in games when you are losing badly and you know you can't come back is another story.