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Helluva Engineer
Chan's staff had Giff Smith and Charles Kelley. I think there were others who were strong recruiters. Have no idea where some of them are now.
For a QB-guru, he couldn't land a QB or develop one.

Ah...the irony of the Chan Gailey years. Widely considered a "QB whisperer" on the NFL level, he could never recruit a top tier QB at GT...until he got fired. Then it became an embarassment of riches, especially for GT standards. Two 4 star QBs signed in 2007 (Threet, Nesbitt), and a 4 star QB commit for 2008 (Renfree...who would later get drafted by the Falcons) who would have been probably been his best QB.


Helluva Engineer
Hartselle, AL (originally Rome, GA)

More times than not, we stayed in games against 4 and 5 star offensive players when we should have not stayed in those games. That is my opinion. The roof haters will never agree with me, because they don't like his D schemes and philosophy. That is fine, but I will be here when we play next year under a new DC. If things improve, I will be the first to admit I was wrong.