New Uniforms


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North Shore, Chicago
I like the idea of letting the team decide what their uniforms look like. If you don't like them, wear an older jersey. The kids are the one representing on the field, they should choose what they look like. We may not agree, but too bad for us.

As for Russell, they don't do the color schemes (although they screw up the shade of gold), but they could sure use some help with the actual design. Give the kids some options they'd really like to wear.


Helluva Engineer
No reason to start a new thread so I'm bumping an old one, but we need to get these guys to do our helmets:

They can go flashy ala Oregon or pay tribute to tradition ala Notre Dame. I personally would like to see their take on tradition for us. Have them redo the helmet from the throwback uniforms so many of us love.

Warning: there is an all chrome UGA helmet at the end. Those with weak stomachs should either look away or have something that can catch vomit close at hand.