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laptop to smart tv streaming

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by gtpi, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. gtpi

    gtpi Helluva Engineer

    cnet had an article on hdmi cables. signal wise cnet expert said that a $5 cable will work as well as a $50 cable difference being quality of components.

    i took this to mean a longer life expectancy comes with the higher priced cable.
  2. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    And I bet two $5 cables will last longer than one $50 cable.
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  3. gtpi

    gtpi Helluva Engineer

    depends on the country of origin. i have experience with the poor quality standards in china.
  4. gtpi

    gtpi Helluva Engineer


    i ordered the following from monoprice

    - 6102 20ft 22AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI® Cable With Ethernet - Black 1 $24.14

    - 8079 USB 2.0 to HDMI® Display Adapter w/ Audio (1920 x 1080) 1 $43.55

    hooked it up and was able to stream/surf within minutes of installing the drivers.

    went to espn.go and streamed a basketball game that was previously recorded. worked fine after i added sound. i had the speakers to my laptop turned off so i had no sound initially. easily fixed.

    lots of stuff to learn and figure out but i am happy with where i am at. will be exchanging the cable i bought for another one as it was way more than i really needed. the cable i got was huge. roughly 7/16 in diameter. i just did not feel good about having such a huge cable plugged into my delicate new toy and i figured out a way to use 12 ft of cable instead of 20.

    so hopefully by this time next year i will be weaned off cable tv.

    tanks for your help guys. much appreciated!
  5. daBuzz

    daBuzz Helluva Engineer

    Just as an FYI, Dustman but Apple TV has a WatchESPN app on it now so there's no need to stream it from your iPad or iPhone anymore. It is indeed handy for other things but WatchESPN has a native app. For that matter, I believe YouTube does as well.
  6. Dustman

    Dustman Helluva Engineer

    Yes to all of that, but Air Play is a great option as well. for example if I'm browsing GTswarm on my phone and I want to watch @Longestday film review on the big screen I use Air Play. Quick and easy. But yes if I'm watching a game I will use the native watchespn app. There's also a free app called remote that turns your iPhone or iPad into an appletv remote with a virtual keyboard which helps with YouTube viewing but I still find Air Play easier to navigate. Lol - no I'm not trying to sell apple products. It's just where I landed.

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