Kyle Efford is a playmaker!


Ramblin' Wreck
Yep Gibbs and Ivey the most. Wesley Walker, Stone, and Walton are all putting up similar stats to what they did here, and I guess they are on more winning teams. Mike Lockhart looks like he improved this year for WV.

McCollum's stats are slightly worse between not being the #1 WR and injury. Domineck was only a backup at Arkansas, which is crazy cause dude had a ton of sacks, and now he's at Colorado which didn't qualify for a bowl. Derrick Allen has seen almost no playing time for UNC. Jeff Sims got benched at Nebraska. Chico Bennett became a stud for UVA, but he has to play for UVA. Everyone else pretty much dropped to a lower level or has seen basically no playing time.
The Lockhart kid from Bham started the last tow years for West Virginia as interior DL.