#KSUvsGT Postgame Press Conference


Helluva Engineer
Auburn, AL
Just watched Collins. Man, we won and played well and the team deserves some praise. But listening to that you’d think we just beat Alabama. We have a very real likelihood of starting this season 1-3 and this dude talks like we’ve turned the corner and are on our way to becoming an elite program after beating an FCS team that runs the same offense as an FCS team we lost to two years ago.

The message is nice, but the level at which he harps on it makes it sound disingenuous. It needs to be toned down to something more along the lines of, “proud of the way the team responded, played much better this week, still have some things we need to clean up.”

Saturday at Clemson will be hard to judge, but the following week should be a much better temperature gauge. I want to see how the LOS looks and how the staff responds to pressure situations.
After beating Agnes Scott College, Geoff Collins .. Georgia Tech head coach ... and this to say, "I am very proud of this team. We have played a very difficult opponent and we have come a long way from two years ago. The offense that this team ran is very challenging and the fact that we held our own against their skill positions is a testament to the progress this football program has made. Andy Thacker called a helluva game, probably the best defensive performance in my lifetime and that's on Andy. We were lucky that we averaged 275 lb of lineman to their 115, but boy, you would never know that from the way they played. I'm telling our AD not to schedule them again, because I expect Agnes Scott to be in the playoffs and after Clemson and UGA, that's three really tough opponents for the Yellow Jackets."