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Fun game to watch, but they should have let him play 40 min. Every time he came out they were up by 10-12, then squander it over the next 5 minutes without him.


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Alvarado even sat down with his friends and family to process the journey, how everything he’d worked for was coming true, right before their eyes.

“I was like, I can’t believe everything worked out how we always said it would. How many times have people said, Yeah, we’re going to make it to the NBA or we’re gonna do this? A whole bunch of people and it never really happens for whatever reason. I definitely sat down and went, Wow, you’re living the dream and being more than you thought you could be.
That includes representing Puerto Rico on the national team over the summer at the FIBA World Cup qualifiers. Alvarado says he hadn’t been to PR since he was around 12 years old, but it nonetheless felt like home as soon as he touched ground.

“I told my parents that as soon as I got off the plane, it felt like home. I had people [on] the plane waiting for me and they recognized me right away. It was crazy, was like a superstar. I called myself ‘Spanish LeBron.’ I’m glad I did it.

Back in May, Alvarado tweeted that he was going to win Defensive Player of the Year one day, and when asked about it, he makes it clear that he wasn’t just talking. To him, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

“When I tweeted it, I meant it,” he says. “Not necessarily to say [that] I will win it next year, but I will win it one year because of just how much I love defense and how much I wanna pride myself on it. This NBA thing is not gonna be an easy route for me, no matter what happens here. I had a really good year, but I’m always gonna have to fight and prove every year that I belong, no matter how long I’ve been in the NBA. So that’s my mindset on everything. And especially, this is where [I’m at]: I do the sneaky thing, which is unique, and I love it—everyone loves it—but I want to show that if you’re in front of me dribbling the ball, it will be a difficult time, too.”


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I’ll admit I’m not a huge NBA guy like I am college ball but Jose has me watching NO games every chance I get and I gotta say, if they can keep that roster intact (Jose included) and add another high quality piece, they will be a force in the WC really soon. They’re fun to watch, along with Memphis.
Same here. I'd tune in for a playoff game or if I knew some GT player might be having a night. I've watched parts of 3 Pelicans games already just to watch Alvarado play. New Orleans got a real steal there.


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Me, as a Hawks fan, realizing we needed a player like JA .... but we drafted the guy from AUB .... who's barely still in the league rn....

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I just found this thread and am so sad I missed it last year. I can’t wait to follow Jose and the pelicans more closely this year. I almost cried during his post game interview when we won the acc