Jahmyr Gibbs 2021-22 stat predictions

Gibbs 2021-22 TD Total

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This is what teams that only have one good playmaker do. Pretty sure we've moved beyond that.
Did USC only have Reggie Bush when he was returning kicks? C.J. Spiller for Clemson? When guys are superior to anyone else on the team, get the ball in their hands anyway you can. To me Gibbs is that. He is a threat to take it to the house every kickoff.


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Oh my, so wins and losses do not matter. It is all about the NFL...of which we rarely send players. If Gibbs is the guy, get him the ball no matter what. NFL...who cares. And if that is what we are doing, then recruit players who want to win for Tech.

And if we do not play to win...there will be no CGC after this year.
Nope. Wins and losses don’t matter. That’s exactly what I said.

Matter of fact we wouldn’t even need to have Gibbs returning kicks if we were still running the TO. We’d have 500 yards of offense on the ground every game and win 10 games per year.

Sims and Gibbs would’ve still come because they just love the school.

Our defense would be better because the other team would only have the ball like 5 times per game because of our prolific College of Charleston offense.

That sound about right?

Back to reality. I said Collins could use Gibbs in special situations to return kicks. Having him back there every time is taking unnecessary risk of losing your best and most explosive player on a low probability play.

A lot of y’all are only remembering the one return vs UCF (which was awesome btw). After that return Gibbs averaged 18 yards per return.

As a team we’ve consistently blocked poorly for returns as long as I can remember. Just take the free yardage and run your offense.

I’ll also add Mason is a great back and will play a lot. He just doesn’t have the ability to take a 10 yard gain to the house. Gibbs does.


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I voted 10, but I would not be surprised if he hit 12+. I think he's more likely to score on breakaway plays of 25 yards or more compared to short yardage. If he gets a hole and shakes a 1 guy, he's in the endzone. He will hopefully be sitting the second half of the first 2 games, too.


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I'm also hoping we can get JP drafted. Him and Gibbs sharing touches would be great even if it means neither has crazy stats - the tape will do the talking.

And Gibbs still has another year or two once JP is gone to rack up more and more tape


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People also seem to forget about Jamious Griffin. Also a stud highly-recruited 4* running back.
I know he was a good recruit, but it just seems like he can never get loose on a big run. I know he's had a couple, but I don't think he's gotten the results on the field yet to be considered amongst the other 3.


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Dontae Smith will be getting a lot of touches as well. Our RB room is deep! Hopefully we see multiple on the field at the same time since we've seen how good Gibbs is in the passing game.
Yards per carry last year
Smith 6.8
Gibbs 5.2
Griffin 4.9
Mason 4.3 (5.2 in 2019)


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Holy crap. That could’ve been 3 minutes. Guy said the same thing again and again. But glad Gibbs is getting the love.


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Some of this reminds me of Barry Sanders. I remember in a clip, the analyst declaring a 5 yard gain as his best run ever. He only made 8 guys miss ! The wagon never pulls the horse but we better enjoy this special talent while he is here.
Until last year, ELI was the best looking freshman back I had ever seen on the flats. Time will tell where he ends up.


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Here are his stats from last year:

2020Georgia TechACCFRRB7894605.242430312.631137636.87
CareerGeorgia Tech894605.242430312.631137636.87

[thead] [/thead]

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Generated 7/30/2021.

He played 7 games (incomplete). I’ll go ahead and say he stays mostly healthy and roughly doubles his stats with more touches.

920 yards rushing
5.2 yards/rush
9 rushing TDs

I think he’ll do some damage through the air
50 receptions
650 yards
13 yards/catch
7 passing TDs

1570 all purpose yards
16 combined TDs.

ETA: It’s a big challenge for Patenaude to use the weapons he has in the backfield, plus get the WR corps going. I’m also curious if he can get a 2 or even 3-TE set going successfully now with more recruits.