Jabari Hunt Days at a new spot


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Hopefully JHD can look at Attaochu and see that if he follows the path Sneezy blazed, he could be waiting for his name to be called in the Draft soon too. I think it's interesting that one of our big holes going into last year was WR, because Smelter "unknown but with potential". I think one of our biggest holes coming into this year is DE, and Whitehead and Henry also fit the "unknown but with potential" mold similar to Smelter. Maybe they can surprise us like Smelter did.


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I like this move for the simple fact that, IMO, JHD lacked the instincts to be a good LB which caused him to be a step slow or out of position more often than not. Also with 21 personnel I-form being archaic in the ACC, this will allow us to get our best 11 on the field.


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I like it because Harrell had a great game in his one start and assuming he can come back in the same form, may have been out starting MLB. Also JHD rushed the passer in blitzes pretty darn well. Hopefully he can hold the edge. I'm excited.


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The main issue is scheme. We were in a 4-2-5 so much last year and JHD never got to play because of this...he is too good not to be playing which is why they are probably giving him a shot to try both. Also, the loss of Robbins.

However, I agree that the DE position is concerning but not at the WDE position. I am confident that Whitehead,Simmons, Henry, or JHD will step up. It is the other side I am worried about Stargel is slated to start right now and I was not pleased with his limited time on the field. He got pushed around easily against Elon and Alabama A&M. There isn't much depth their either. Hopefully, we would slide Kallon or Gamble over there if we have too..

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Since Day's has a ton of experience at LB, it would not be difficult for him to return to that position should his tryout at DE falter in the Spring. If it does not prove effective, he can move back to LB in the Fall. It appears that LB is one of our deeper positions.


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This worries me a little. It screams lack of confidence in the other guys in the pipeline. Hopefully I am over thinking this. He has been pretty successful at LB.

I predict he will go strong side DE mainly because of what Boomer said-there is no talent but there is more help at WDE than SDE.(see Whitehead,Freeman)


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His athleticism is good enough to be an NFL LB. I don’t think a move to DE would hurt that. I think if anything it will help his stock as a Hybrid/Rush OLB if he can be successful as a DE.