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Is Paul Johnson Bad for the ACC?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Techster, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    Ouch...if you're a fan of CPJ (which I am), you may not want to click on the link. The guy who wrote it gets a little personal (and unprofessional). Not sure where his logic is that it's CPJ's fault for the entirety of the ACC not recruiting better in GA, but somehow he tries to make the leap. I do agree that GT should definitely recruit its own state better, but we're (or more specifically CPJ) not responsible for the ACC...recruiting is a dog-eat-dog business. I don't think the guy who wrote it gets the challenges of GT versus the vast majority of the ACC and SEC schools, in fact he doesn't even mention it.


    Another link inside that article is also interesting:

    Schools Who Signed The Most Top-30 Georgia Recruits From 2010-2014

    Georgia - 40

    Auburn - 15

    Alabama - 12

    South Carolina - 12

    Tennessee - 9

    Clemson - 9

    Georgia Tech - 7

    Florida - 5

    Vanderbilt - 5

    - See more at: http://www.accsports.com/articles/who-owns-georgia-in-recruiting#sthash.A6eCReTl.dpuf

    In a 5 year span, we've signed only 7 Top 30 recruits in GA....about a 1.2 average per year.
  2. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    Did I just get dumber?
  3. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    In defense of the ACC and contrary to that guys "article", the ACC was once again 2nd to the SEC in players drafted by the NFL in 2014. SEC had 49 total picks, while the ACC had 42 total picks, so shows that the ACC is getting their share of talent.


    I wrote it in another thread, but I believe the only thing holding the ACC back is better coaching. The ACC doesn't have the coaching roster that the SEC has, or even some of the other conferences like PAC12/Big 10/Big 12.
  4. Lexjacket

    Lexjacket Helluva Engineer

    Yes, CPJ is the devil.:rolleyes:
  5. bravejason

    bravejason Helluva Engineer

    As best as I can tell from the article it is because "Paul Johnson, who comes off to many non-Tech fans as some amalgam of booger-eating Timmy Lupus and stats-wonk Alfred Ogilvie and cannot win bowls or games against UGA, represents ACC football to Georgia high school coaches and players."

    I wonder what got the writer up in arms about CPJ. I guess CPJ turned downed a request for an interview or something. The article started off as the usual 'the ACC isn't as good as the SEC' storyline and then devolved into an attack against CPJ personality and claiming that CPJ's personality is the sole reason why the ACC isn't recruiting well in Georgia (all the while presuming that ACC recruiting is an actual problem).
  6. Bigb

    Bigb Helluva Engineer

    I think I lost a couple IQ points reading that article

    Written by a UNC fan should tell you all you need to know
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  7. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Didn't waste my time clicking.
  8. nodawgs

    nodawgs Ramblin' Wreck

    Little harsh, but made some very true points like it or not.
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  9. Squints

    Squints Helluva Engineer

    Like what? Because it sounded like a pretty blatant attempt at click bait to me. And if it's not click bait then I'm not really sure what to say. There's zero research there. I mean, outside the bowl record, the author just took a bunch of lowest common denominator message board criticisms he read online, threw them up against the wall, and went "That's why I'm right." Without even trying to establish any causality at all to the claim he was making. He didn't make his intended point so what did you see?
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  10. yellojello

    yellojello Helluva Engineer

    LOL. That's the most creative attempt at twisting facts that I've seen. But there is a compliment he is giving GT without realizing it - of the 15 schools in the ACC, the most important team is GT.
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  11. ramblinvak

    ramblinvak Helluva Engineer

    Says he's a unc grad. Must be bitter of all the loses his team has endured at the hands of CPJ.
  12. 33jacket

    33jacket Helluva Engineer

    Look i am hard on paul but this is the dumbest thing i have seen in a long time.
  13. nodawgs

    nodawgs Ramblin' Wreck

    Like winning over HS coaches in the state. When CPJ was first hired, there were a fair amount of HS coaches who jumped on his band wagon. I know several HS went to the CPJ offense including Peachtree Ridge, Heritage, and a few others. CPJ did an ok job letting HS coaches come in and ask questions, not a great job, but just ok. For whatever reason by 2011 there were no longer any Georgia HS running CPJ's offense. I'm not going to say that CPJ wasn't welcoming enough to HS coaches after he had a little success here, but there is a definite disconnect with the HS coaches who were on his bandwagon when he was first hired. Why that is, I can only speculate. I can say that he had a golden opportunity, that I don't think he can get back.
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  14. Yoda

    Yoda Helluva Engineer

    Punch'em in the face
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  15. flea77

    flea77 Helluva Engineer

    Many of our states best players would not last 2 semesters at GT . The guy who wrote the story is a idiot . GT has to actually find the best Student / athletes . My mother was a Athletic Director in the Atlanta school system , my father coached for 31 years , so I have real world knowledge of the education system in Ga . The vast majority of football players in our state , don't stand a snowballs chance of making it thru GT . I have first hand knowledge of what goes on at what's called " the factory " schools . Those players simply cannot be successful at GT. GT needs to find 85 players that can play ball and can read and write . Actually go to class , without note takers ... Until you have first hand knowledge , you would not believe the level of support some of the " factory " players need , just to get thru simple classes . It's actually very sad . They are pushed thru high school , then college without any real direction . I believe GT can play for Championships or I would not have supported my Sons decision. I believe GT can do both , graduate players and win .
  16. 00Burdell

    00Burdell Helluva Engineer

    The only bad thing about Paul Johnson for the ACC is the way he beats the ever-living snot out of UNC making every member of the media - and, in particular, the author of that 10th-grade level article, look like the doofuses they are for annually picking UNC above Georgia Tech every year.

    Bottom Line: if the tobacco road whine and cheese crowd hate our coach, then I like our coach. Suck it, tarheel.
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  17. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    This was funny and coming from an UNC graduate real funny. Pot meets kettle when talking about fan bases.
    1 point I do agree with however is that the ACC institutions need to do a better job of recruiting Georgia especially Tech. That's just bottom line.
  18. augustabuzz

    augustabuzz Helluva Engineer

    Was his degree AFAM?
  19. augustabuzz

    augustabuzz Helluva Engineer

    There is a reason why Georgians populate SEC rosters more than any other State.
  20. Squints

    Squints Helluva Engineer

    Well I have literally zero knowledge of any of this because I couldn't care less about high school football and their coaches. Especially from Georgia (I think you mentioned being a coach so it's nothing personal just born, raised, and currently live in the northeast). But I will say I'm not arguing at all with what you're saying about winning over high school coaches. Makes sense to me. But read the quote.

    You and this guy are not saying the same thing. You're speculating on an apparent disconnect, which I'd love to see some actual evidence for that claim too btw, and why it's there while he's making a blanket statement. And I'd wager a lot that he doesn't have enough info to back that claim up. But he says it's reality so I guess I should listen to him. Then he uses that statement as the reason the ACC, a conference of 14 teams, doesn't recruit Georgia well. Yea ok. Click bait.

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