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Is Eric returning to the board or not?

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by CLHarperJackt, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Blumpkin Souffle

    Blumpkin Souffle Bidly Biddington III

    The key is to post better content.
  2. jacketup

    jacketup Helluva Engineer

    Except for the Mods, we are all paid what we are worth.
  3. GTonTop88

    GTonTop88 Helluva Engineer

    He could still be a part of the site without having to do all of the stuff he use to do. If he can make time to find some info, good. If not that's fine too.
  4. Skeptic

    Skeptic Helluva Engineer

    I think it ought to be like those old country newspaper correspondents. The reason they wrote about granny's milk cow was that they were paid by the column inch. Well, maybe they thought a milk cow was interesting.
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  5. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    Here's what I think of these five question. There's really no reason to keep anything a secret so I think we'll know something whenever something is decided but I think we're probably sitting around question #4 right now.
  6. Skeptic

    Skeptic Helluva Engineer

    Maybe the obvious might be considered: it is really nobody's business.
  7. SolicitorJacket

    SolicitorJacket Helluva Engineer

    There are plenty of things in life that are none of anyone's business, but the simple yes or no of whether a valued contributor to a public website will or will not be returning is a valid question.

    It is sorta like an announcement that the lead actor wont be returning to your favorite show. The reason behind it or what he is going to do next is absolutely nobody's business. But the simple question itself is perfectly fine to ask.

    No one owes us an answer though.
  8. Bigb

    Bigb Helluva Engineer

    Kids don't take up every waking hour of the day. I know.

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