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Interview With Jadon Haselwood

Discussion in 'College & Pro Sports' started by Em_Jae20, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    I didn't watch the show, but I guess what he didn't say is how big an ego boost it is to get offers from the nation's top programs and how that single factor is the biggest determining factor on where he goes. Whichever programs strokes my ego the best, that's where I go. Add to that the day to day hero worship that goes on in the media (regular and social) and on campus at the factories and you have walking/talking egomaniacs.

    It's the prestige factor that is not unlike that in academia. Top scholar's like their ego's stroked, too. Getting the Ivy's fawning over you, begging you to grace their hallowed halls and grounds is quite a rush and it has endurance. It's not just a temporary feather in the cap, but can be pointed to and brought up over and over.
  2. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    Has to chuckle about your Ivy league comment.....maybe I am just different, but when I was recruited by the Ivy league..(Darmouth the most, but by all the schools). All I thought was they were expensive and wanted my money ( that I didn't have anyway)
    I was impressed by Tech and their free application....when everyone else was $25 minimum.....a lot of $$$$ back in the late '70s. ;)
  3. Em_Jae20

    Em_Jae20 Helluva Engineer

    Give the interview a look first before assuming that's how he came off. True some of these young man are exactly as you described, but none of what you said is reflective of Jadon in this instance. Your point becomes moot, at least about this young man, when you start things off by saying, "I didn't watch the show".
  4. Madison Grant

    Madison Grant Helluva Engineer

    First of all, if you were 18 and had folks pumping you up like the interviewer was and recruiters do, it'd be hard to keep perspective. The only thing I specifically saw that gave me a negative impression was him interrupting his mother, but maybe that's how they talk with each other and she's okay with that. I'm old-fashioned, I guess. I am impressed Jadon has enough on the ball to see through the UGAg and Da U kool-aid the majority of the other area recruits easily drink.
  5. LongforDodd

    LongforDodd Helluva Engineer

    Not directed at you and kinda' rhetorical but...what kind of idiot relies on the verbal commitment of a 16 year old coddled (probably) kid/athlete?
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  6. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    I actually started to watch it but couldn't finish it. And my comments were rhetorical in that nobody is going to admit that ego is their top priority for choosing a school, heck, most don't even know it. Also, it was meant as a generalization, not necessarily specific to the kid in the program. I know there are highly sought after kids (5 and high 4 stars) that have their priorities straight, however, I believe those individuals are few and far between.
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  7. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    ... fools...

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