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Northeast Stinger

Helluva Engineer
The point was that some people don't handle heat very well even if they are in good shape. I wouldn't expect a d$#% like you to understand that. A lady left this game in an ambulance. If only she was a workout warrior like you she would have handled it better.
I've watched military cadets fall out on parade grounds just because they stood in the heat for an hour. It can happen to anyone.

Bruce Wayne

Helluva Engineer
thanks for reading my comments, kind of new to this blog, I thought it was funny what CPJ said about the complainers, "when you run, they complain they you do not throw the ball and now we threw the ball and they complain we did not run" that was on his radio show Monday night, made me laugh
What I enjoy about complaints on the offense is how much perception is shaped by very minute differences. Thomas threw 15 passes which is pretty much the norm for this offense over the years. That is NOT a lot of passes in many other offenses. However, he threw effectively and well and made good decisions (clearly mostly in 2nd half) and so the passing game was efficient and a serious weapon. So people who overly enjoy passing should be satisfied with this game because they did get to see what they love.

But it was exactly what this offense is supposed to do because of its running principles. Create single man coverage and create numbers mismatches in the play action passing game, especially in the flats, because of forcing teams to overcompensate to contain the running game.

Look at what an effective passing game looks like in this offense: 2 tds, over 200 yards, 70% completion, QB rating through the roof . . . how can fans of the forward pass complain about that?

It is only one game and so not yet a trend but at least we got a taste of what the passing game is meant to look like in this offense, and it is very exciting.