Hall retained. Borrell fired.


Ramblin' Wreck
UGA just announced (after it leaked, I think)... hiring a guy still playing.
I would imagine, in the case of hiring someone that is still in the tournament, that is probably up to the person getting hired as to whether or not he is ok with having it revealed he is leaving for another school. A guy who is departing as a pitching coach for a head coaching gig, the players are probably happy for him. A pitching coach leaving his players for a lateral move as a pitching coach at another school, maybe not so much. Also, I wonder if the hire is coming from another school in the ACC if the conference might not say something like "let him finish the World Series before you say anything".


Helluva Engineer
Heaven forbid he should be worse! Get it down to 1 - 2 walks per game and take our chances on the other team having to hit the ball.
We’re all keenly aware of the results, but honestly not one of us knows what’s happening between the staff and the players unless someone on here has a kid on the team or is a member of the staff.

I just want our kids to excel, to be put in positions where they can perform, to get good coaching and training so they can professionally develop, etc.

I have no idea what they have or have not gotten, all I know is a whole lot of teams are doing a whole lot better than us. It has to be something. Too many data points, too much of it pretty bad. We’re Engineers, we need to nail the root cause and fix it.