Guys who brought their "A" game


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Just a side note since this is about the players who played well, but the safety was the correct call since Beno had the ball and as he rolled over he lost it. Oh yeah, I think OM is still holding Sneezy. On the Waller catch, the defender fell down trying to grab Waller as he went by so the defender was already beat.

Sneezy played well, but it may not show on a stat sheet. Godhigh has his usual good game. Gotsis showed up on the stat sheet with two blocks, but for the record those kicks were low. Gotsis also had at least one pass breakup. Jamea Thomas played well and I thought the tackling in the secondary was good yesterday. OM was throwing a lot of short passes (the Sneezy affect) and we did not allow a ton of YAC's. Some of that was due to us playing soft on the corners in the first half.
I wish I could comment on the LB, but I really did not notice them yesterday.

I agree with your comments. Glad someone else saw the same game I watched.


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White impressed me the most yesterday. Gotsis seemed to get alot of pressure the whole game. I'm glad we got him two more years. The Hankins hit was one of the better special teams hits I've seen Tech make in a while.


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Awesome effort?

Are you sure?

We lost to a team that was 3-5 in their conference and was the SEC's 10th seeded team among their 10 Bowl teams.

ESPN's stats thingy predicted we would win by 8 points, instead we lost by 8 in a game where the Refs blew the Safety call (should have been a TD by the OM Defense) and because of their crappy PK they left 7 points on the field, basically we were blown out and was never really in the game.

On the long TD pass, their Safety fell down, that happens to non-UGA teams maybe twice per season, we caught a big break there, when the 2nd qtr. started and their suspended players went in on Defense we were slowed down big time after that.

Not for one second did I expect us to win that game, that was the consensus of about 2 dozen GT alums that I watched the game with.

This post does not support your opinion that there was a lack of effort. It supports lack of results. If that's the point you're making, then you're making it in the wrong thread.

We had the ball with a chance to win in the 4th quarter. I don't see that as a blow out.

Additionally this post reads like you're using what-ifs only when they are convenient to your argument. If we get to count missed FGs as points on the board, then we'd get to count the UGA game as a win.
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We were talking about effort, not results. Why not just acknowledge the individual efforts of players on the team with everybody else? We get it man. We lost. We played bad. Everyone knows your opinion now.

It appears that klaus, like some other posters I know, refuses to acknowledge anything good about a Tech SA.


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I was watching from the upper deck so take it fwiw. I thought the following guys played well and gave a lot of effort:

DJ White - covered and tackled well. Pass interferance call was bs.

Jemea Thomas - like always.

Attaochu - was a hair late several times but he was playing hard.

Gotsis - working hard all game.

Synjin Days - one of his better games.

Robbie Godhigh - although I am p.o. ed about the penalty.