GT vs. Ga Sou


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Yeah I’d normally not be happy with a 2 point win over ga southern but it sounds like half the team is sick
I think half the players on the floor were sick too. So many shots and free throws coming up short. They all seemed weak and achey and sluggish. A win is a win for sure.

The offense was absolutely pathetic those last 5 minutes. It happened in the Miami (OH) game too. When we have these small leads late, we go into this prevent offense mode where we abandon whatever has been working, run the shot clock down to 5 and take a tough shot. I don't mind that strategy with a 10 point lead with 2 minutes to go, but 7 points with 4 minutes to go is way too early to burn clock IMO.


They’ll probably all be close, and we might get some upsets in there. I haven’t looked ahead to see where we might have a favorable matchup. I just hope we’re 100% for Wisconsin.

It’s not Gonzaga, Baylor, Kansas, and Purdue.

It’s just an example, but we’re #60 in KenPom. UNC is 51, Wisconsin is 32, LSU is 20, and USC is 19. There are some tough games in there, but we’ve shown a lot of grit so far this season. We’re also still learning to play together. But Wisconsin, UNC, and LSU are all home games, which helps.
You could tell the flu had us down. Ush was coming up short a lot, Devoe couldn’t even start, a lot of balls we just couldn’t win.


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someone pointed this out in previous games... the closing lineup several times has been starters but with deebo taking khalids spot. that happened again tonight.

also, a chunk of Q4 we had an intriguing lineup i have not seen before. we used it when we got the lead. i wanna say it was roughly the 8min to 4min mark, but that is just a guesstimate. mike, deebo, usher, khalid, rodney. (khalid came in for kyle.) in our hybrid zone khalid played "guard" with his length/athleticism/experience up there. deebo stayed on the wing. in effect, 3 offensive weapons (mike, deebo, ush) with 4 veteran long defenders/rebounders plus deebo. utilizing khalid's defensive positional flexibility.


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What a gutsy win. Like y’all have already said, this is definitely a game we lose in previous years.

We really lacked energy in the first half and they were hitting everything. To come back from such a deficit and play with such energy and precision was really impressive. Unfortunately, we had 4 bad possessions in a row at the end and almost blew it. These are good learning games. The tests get harder soon.

All in all, a really nice win given the circumstances. Devoe was incredible! Go Jackets!


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I was at the game today. Very sluggish first half: turnovers, missed free throws, no energy. We looked very strong in the second half but Devoe carried the day. We would not have won today without him. At 5-1, it is time to step up and support the team. Looked way less than half full today. Of course, the students are out which did not help.