GT Vollebees

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I don't know if Bergman needs to have the same kind of night. She is not normally relied upon to make 30+ kills in a match, but it was sure nice to see. Lord knows Brambilla, Moss, Kaiser and Dowd can bring the hammer also.

For sure the ladies have amazing athleticism and talent – I can’t even see the damn ball much less be able to make a play on it!


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Tip of the hat, better team won. But we had leads in each set, and all our players will/should return next season. The future looks quite bright for these ladies, and this fan is very proud of their effort tonight. Don't want to hurry my life away at 74, but can't wait to watch and follow this team next season!!


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Currently at the scrimmage rn (perks of being a student on campus 🤣) but there are two team USA coaches/scouts at the game. Obviously we have some players turning heads on a national scale!!!
Our 2 all-americans will most likely end up on the Brazilian national team


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Volleyball affected COVID-19 Game Rescheduling Policy and Forfeitures:

ACC Announces COVID-19 Game Rescheduling Policy & Testing Protocols for Football Season

The protocols will also apply to field hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Game Discontinuation Considerations:
Inability to isolate new positive cases, or quarantine high risk contacts of cases of university students.
Unavailability or inability to perform symptomatic, surveillance or pre-competition testing when warranted.
Campus-wide or local community positivity test rates that are considered unsafe by local public health officials.
Inability to perform adequate contact tracing consistent with local, state or federal requirements or recommendations.
Local public health officials indicate an inability for the hospital infrastructure to accommodate a surge in COVID-19 related hospitalizations.


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At the USC GT scrimmage today! Team looking good! Brambilla sitting out during warmups though, no idea why


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Tech wins 3-0 against MissState last night. Drops first set against Indiana 20-25. Lots of service errors that didnt help. Looking to clean it up for remaining sets