GT Football 2023 Roster News

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Smells like team spirit. Somebody didn’t make the team.

danny daniel

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Sad, didn’t those two see the field a good bit?
I thought Reed especially was backing up the NICKEL. Who besides Wallace is playing N? I think the safeties also were being cross trained for that role (Bryant, Gee, Brooks, King, Lee). IMO Bryant seems a likely candidate to move to N. Wing had great size but seemed to be buried in the numbers.

Heisman's Ghost

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You know, I don’t mean to pile on to our buddy @kg01 but I always thought a coach needing to literally hire someone to help them keep their composure sent a fairly awful message to their players about how to conduct themselves in the game.
I always thought the whole thing was a gimmick designed to give gullible fans something to talk about and good for a brief sideline photo op for the media then I saw Clemson's former defensive coordinator just about foaming at the mouth like he had rabies or something while being "restrained" by an overly large "get back coach". On the other hand, I cannot honestly remember a Tech coach needing a get back coach. Bobby Ross used to put his hands behind his head during the game...does that count?

When General Neyland was at Tennessee and they were set to play Georgia, he allowed an assistant to deliver a stem winder pregame speech that ended with the assistant screaming "Georgia? Why I can lick the whole state of Georgia by myself! " as he theatrically threw down his cap. Says the General with one foot on top of the cap. "So, can I". Somehow, I don't think Bear Bryant, Bobby Dodd, Wallace Wade, or Shug Jordan needed get back coaches. They just won ball games and let that speak for itself.