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honestly I think 50/50. With Carter for a full season I think our record would be close to the Clemson/FSU level. I really think our team would have been a borderline tourney team.

Our main issue is PG play, and that hasn't changed. If Trey has a good game or little Ironhead, then we will probably win, if not we will lose by 10.

I don't think of our team as "borderline tourney," but "borderline personality." Even when everyone was healthy we'd go from decent to just horrible on offense. In the post-game video, CBG said, wtte, "We got away from getting the ball inside, and shot too many jumpers." It was close to 4-5 min of game time!! Why isn't the coach saying, "Get the ball down low!!! Don't be in a rush to shoot outside jumpshots!!!! Get a good look!!"


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Holseys playing inspired ball. He walks every time he touches it but hey if the whistle don't blow then ...