Get out the Flea Spray; GT Traveling to the pound Friday Night Lights! [email protected]


Helluva Engineer
Fall is in the air, and we are ready for Howard to posterize some of those exTeammates up in the farmland North of Atlanta.

Let's go put a hurting on jowja, and get our punches in before next weekend.


Good guys look in:

the loyal opposition's write up:

Nothing better than a W against DemJojaBoys so hope we drop a dominating performance on them.


Ramblin' Wreck
Let’s go, Tech!!! I would love to jump all over these guys from the start. Good opportunity for a solid road win tonight.


Jolly Good Fellow
Mutts have trailed 1st half of all 3 games. They’ve outrebounded all 3 teams. Let’s get out of the blocks fast, and block out hard. Also, get Jalon Moore some run!!!

🐝 72
🐶 67


Helluva Engineer
Yeah I am calling for a double double from Howard tonight.

Also, I am hopeful we press them from the jump and get out and run all night long. They can not keep up with the depth we have now at guard and bigs. Hopefully Saba is back today and he and Meka can split the load down low with Howard when we get out and rimrun.

I think we will see more of our zone tonight too than the first three games. Seems like we have been building back into it, which makes sense as the young guys are going to need game reps in the switches we do when we get to ACC Play.

I think we win by 10+ and I think we look like we are locked in and in control all night. uGa is a solid SEC Team, so they won't go down easy, but we won't put them down easily either. Jump on them with malice and great prejudice from the jump and watch them wither away in the second half based off our propensity to run, depth from the bench and shifting zone frustrating them into turnovers and easy transition buckets.

Also calling for our guy Jordan to have a night tonight. I think he will be flying in transition (both down the court and to the rim) repetitively tonight. We seem to be figuring out how to clean out the lane in our half court sets, so hope to see some good shooting performances from the guards as well.


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Important game to win for post-season aspirations. A loss here would hurt at selection time.
Lose this one selection won't matter as we will be way to far off the bubble to even be considered.
This probably ends up being a quad 2 or quad 3 game. If quad 2, not a huge issue if we lose but a nice boost if we win. If quad 3, then it becomes more of a problem. Let's just win.



Ramblin' Wreck
ends of the earth
I'm not optimistic, unfortunately. We are the better team, but for some reason, over the last few years, UGA plays out of the minds for this game. Some random scrub will go off for 18 points and we walk away disappointed. I like our team, and I like our chances in most any game, but I am trying to protect myself from any expectations tonight. :) Guard your heart, right?